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  • Unsung Heroes of SAS: The Cleaners

    Unsung heroes: the cleaners

    As students, it is easy to complain about going to school – the arduous assignments and daunting deadlines. However, there are others at SAS who work much harder and [...]
  • #Bendgate

    iPhone 6: #Bendghazi

    Asking for their first reactions to Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, SAS students reacted. “It’s too big for my small hands!” exclaimed Kiana Baghaie. “It can [...]
  • Photo courtesy of Clement Ng

    SAS alum turned local superstar

    “It’s really like a dream come true to have your song play on the radio every day. I really thank God for that,” Clement Ng, better known by his stage name J. [...]
  • DSC_0500

    Art unplugged

    Everyone that was a student at SAS in 8th grade remembers that year’s CWW. We packed our bags, said our goodbyes, and headed to the notorious island of Telunas. Every year [...]
  • DSC_1666

    Mood for food: Spruce

    By Hong Bin Jeong and Emma Gammons Mood For Food episode 2: Spruce Cafe. Check out Emma Gammons and Hong Bin Jeong’s review on the Spruce Cafe located in Upper Bukit [...]
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GS25: A Change of Perspective – North Korea

by Sheyna Cruz in SAS News

Interim sign-ups are closed for this year, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Here’s one possibility: a seven-day global studies course with an [...]


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  • Photo contributed by Rich Seow.
  • DSC_1666
  • Student Izzie Riant comments on the new cafeteria booths. Photo by Sophia Coulter.
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  • 10515257_10204518054418637_118344811226058784_o
  • urban
  • Students discuss possible changes to the cafeteria.
  • Photo courtesy of Clement Ng
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  • Eagle volleyball boys score the game winning point in the finals against Manila. Photo courtesy of Brian Ford.
  • Teen participating in the Fire Challenge.  Photo by, Creative Commons license
  • Unsung Heroes of SAS: The Cleaners

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